Monday, December 26, 2011

Time for your close up!

So we'll just have to settle with what we got! If there is one thing I have learned in the last week its that my sweet baby girl is very active and very flexible! We went to do the 3d/4d sonogram again today in hopes that she would be a little less stubborn and a little more cooperative. Not so much. Worse this time actually! Last time she had a foot and a hand in her face, this time, all 4 limbs right in her face! We have a few video moments where she is actually sucking on her big toe! Although a little frustrating that we couldn't see her sweet face close up, I'm happy to report that she is growing quickly and developing perfectly. I'm a very happy mommy to have a thus far, healthy pregnancy. Here are a few pics of our sweet angel girl!

Hey there cheeks! (foot next to face)

Toes by face!

Sweet baby girl!

Totally get smashed in the face by the placenta! Poor girl!

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