Friday, December 23, 2011


I fully had hoped to be posting pictures of our sweet baby at 27 weeks today but just like her mommy, she's very stubborn! We had our first attempt at a 3D/4D sonogram yesterday and baby Sitz was everything but cooperative! The good news is... she is definitely a GIRL! I'm not sure why I was worried but I had some weird feeling that maybe I would be the statistic who wouldn't know that my child was the opposite sex until the day she was born. I've had nightmares of replacing all the salmon/coral in her room and throwing away the tutus and trading it all for dirt and trucks. The sonographer cleared that up yesterday and happily showed the entire room (my family) all baby girls unmentionables! Poor thing... only a 27 week fetus and already showing off to the world!

Now for the bad news... every single time the sonographer would catch a picture of her face she would put her foot or hand in her mouth and cover her face. Yes, her foot... flexible! We finally got her to put her feet and hands down and she proceeded to give the sonographer a dirty look and roll all the way over where all we could see was the back side of her head! Bad baby already... if this is what is to come for Woody and I, we are in BIG trouble!

We get to go back on Monday at 11:30am so hopefully she will be a nice girl and we'll get some good pictures of her. The only thing we really know at this point is that she most likely has the "Renouf" nose and that she's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen!

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