Friday, January 13, 2012

Epic Fail... Bed Situation... 30 Weeks!

Well maybe not an epic fail but I definitely did not pass my glucose test the first time. They want you to have a score less than 140 and of course lucky me, I scored a 140. What does this mean? It means I spent this morning (all morning) from 8:00am to 11:30am sitting in the doctors office lobby waiting to get my blood drawn every hour on the hour to check my blood sugar levels. The glucola drink was absolutely awful and tasted like a gatorade with way too much sugar and a nice irony medical flavor attached. I know all the ladies waiting for their appointments surely were wondering why I had my pillow, book and legs propped up on another chair! Anyway... I found out on Wednesday if I have gestational diabetes and lets all hope I do not because along with that lovely diagnosis comes shots, more exercise and regulated diet! You know... all the lovely things you want to worry about in your last trimester.

Another update... I have moved to the guest bedroom indefinitely! I could not be more excited about this move because although it hurts Woody's feelings a bit, I am sleeping sooooo much better! The bed in the guest room is my bed from college and I swear if I could talk Woody into sleeping in a full size bed with me, I would move it into our master bedroom permanently! It's my bed from college and its the most comfortable thing in the world! I guess after the baby comes I might have to re-enter the master bedroom but for now I am totally and completely happy with sleeping/flopping alone!

Just a few stats to keep everyone up to date: (stole this from a friend!)

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 17 lbs
Maternity clothes? Can still make a bunch of my long tops work but definitely not wearing any pants that aren't maternity!
Stretch marks? None yet, thank you very much!
Sleep: Going potty 2-3 times are night and flipping back and forth makes for waking up another 2-3 times but since I moved beds its MUCH better!
Best moment this week: Just being in bed in the morning when I wake up and can really feel her moving around. It's a nice time just for mommy and her to spend together. I like talking to her about what our plans are for the day and making her promise to be nice! (aka not yaking!)
Miss anything? Mexican Martinis and Sushi
Movement: All day every day... we have a very active little girl!
Food cravings: I eat an Eggo waffle and drink orange juice every single morning. My only real craving has been pickles (so cliche) but really I can eat them all the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Waking up... :)
Gender: Sweet baby Girl
Labor Signs: I hope not... just a little cramping and stretching
Symptoms: Morning sickness, back pain, dry skin, headaches
Belly Button in or out? Still in but definitely starting to expose itself!
Wedding rings on or off? Band on, Engagement off, Aggie Ring off
Happy or Moody most of the time: Not moody... pretty happy just tired.
Looking forward to: Our 32 week sonogram on Feb 1 where Dr. B tells us how big she is, if shes head down and what we can expect at delivery!

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  1. I Love Pickles too, Just FYI, you should consider using enamel protective toothpaste. They wreak havoc on your teeth!