Sunday, January 22, 2012

After 6 years...We've Changed.

After multiple facebook posts about how Woody and I have changed in the last few years I decided it was time to recap them all in a blog post. Here is my best attempt at remembering all the things we did in the "good ol days" and how things have changed since then! Happy 6 years together... to my best friend!

I think at least 3 or 4 nights a week we have our lights out and are entering REM sleep by at least 9pm. If I had a dollar for every night we looked at each other and said, " we're so lame," we could totally both retire and move out to the country. I remember nights when we would stay up until after midnight, even  when we had to work the next day, just to spend a few more hours together. We've changed.

Outdoor Adventures
Woody and I use to be quite the outdoorspeople (is that a word). We camped, hiked, floated the river, took our dogs on adventures and practically lived outside. Now we are lucky to get our fat dogs up to the park (within walking distance of our house) once or twice a month. (Don't get all PETA crazy on me here... our dogs are not Sarah McLaughlin commercial dogs... they have a huge backyard they run around in!) Camping is a thing of the past... I guess I'll let this one slide as sleeping on a cot in the wilderness sounds awful at 8 months pregnant, and our outdoor adventures typically consist of me watching Woody drink a beer on the back patio while laying in the hammock. We've changed.

Friday/Saturday Nights
Talk about quite the change... I think the last time Woody and I went downtown (like out) was over a year ago... come to think of it, maybe the last time we went out was after our wedding. Wow... that would be really sad. Not that we were crazy 6th street partiers but we definitely have some good memories of drinking together downtown, just the two of us. Now, we have lights out and we're reading books like Hunger Games at 8pm on Saturday night! We've changed.

Saturday/Sunday Days
A good Saturday 4 or 5 years ago consisted of floating the river or going downtown and swimming at the lake... today we do projects. I say this so bluntly because it feels like the projects never end. We're installing new ceiling fans, putting up crown molding, painting a room, putting in elfa shelving or maybe raking leaves, mowing the yard, cleaning tile grout or even just doing lame Sunday laundry. We've changed.

I wrote this blog today because I wanted to remember all the things we "use to" do. I wanted to remember because our lives are out to change so much. Looking back on all the things we "use to" do inspire me for the future. In only 8 short weeks, we will be responsible for someone elses life. We will start to take that special little someone to do all the things we "use to" do. So even though we have changed, its all for this moment in our lives. We've changed to prepare for her. We've changed... and I couldn't be happier.

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